Tahar l’étudiant

Tahar is just over twenty years old, with a youthful face and a tender voice. But the carelessness of student life is not for him. Not for him, whose mother raised 10 children alone, whose family is far away, in Belfort, while he studies in Montpellier. For him, the world is not so much huge and full of dangers as out of reach. He is sorely lacking in money, looks for work with energy but never meets the required criteria. Tahar no longer knows whether he should continue to believe in a better future, in himself, in his studies. And is a degree in sociology really the right choice?


Fundida: Tahar Rahim

Equipe técnica: Cyril Mennegun (Director)


Tempo de execução: 52 minutos

Qualidade: HD

Lançamento: 1970

imdb rating 7


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