Sexualerziehung im 10. Schuljahr: Empfängnisverhütung

Contraception is explained as part of biology lessons in year 10. The lesson begins with the teacher explaining the hormonal mode of action of oestrogen and progestogen, whose explanations are supplemented by intermittent images of the schematic diagram on the blackboard. Prompted by questions from the pupils, the teacher then goes into the production of the corpus luteum and explains its function. She then discusses the effect of the 'pill' as an ovulation inhibitor on the female organism. She explains that the preparations absorb the hormone progestin, which prevents further follicle maturation. Further questions are asked about other contraceptive methods. The teacher first explains the Knaus-Ogino method and then talks about the mechanical contraceptive concepts of condoms and pessaries. Finally, the chemical methods and 'coitus interruptus' are discussed as further options for preventing pregnancy.

País: Germany

Tempo de execução: 19 minutos

Qualidade: HD

Lançamento: 1970

imdb rating 7


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