French Blood 1 - Mr. Pig

FRENCH BLOOD tells the story of a woman who was raped and left for dead by a gang of five men hiding behind masks: Mr. Pig, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Frog, Mr. Sheep and Mr. Wolf. It’s now up to her to take up the mask and her revenge… This is the thread that leads from one movie to the other: HER revenue. In the first five chapters, she finds each one of her five abusers, and so wearing her mask she lets her anger and hurt loose. Every chapter of FRENCH BLOOD includes three to four short films, all of them dealing with the single storyline of the main character. In this butcher's shop, a young geek addicted to horror films is stripped naked by a pervert zombie, a group of friends is murdered with a machete by a couple of degenerates, and an old successful author is found dead in his mansion, while a pedophile psychopath prowls around.


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