Divaldo: O Mensageiro da Paz

Born in the small town of Feira de Santana, in the interior of Bahia, Divaldo has lived with mediumship since he was 4 years old. Disturbed by what he sees, rejected by other children and repressed by his father, the boy does not have an easy childhood. At 17, he is convinced that it is useless to try to deny his gift. With the support of his mother, he comes into contact with Spiritism and moves to Salvador to study the doctrine. Under the guidance of his spiritual guide, Joanna de Ângelis, the young man overcomes the homesickness and the loneliness of the big city and embraces his mission. A few years later, that strange boy from Feira de Santana becomes one of the most important mediums of all time and gives up his personal life to dedicate himself to charity.

País: Brazil

Tempo de execução: 115 minutos

Qualidade: HD

Lançamento: 2019

imdb rating 8.444


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