Boys On Film 9: Youth in Trouble

Youth In Trouble is the ninth edition to Boys On Film, the world's most successful short film series. This compilation features eight complete films: Bretten Hannam's "Deep End" starring Bailey Maughan, Gharrett Patrick Paon, and Denis Theriault; Caru Alves de Souza's "Family Affair" starring Cláudia Assunção, Kauê Telloli, and Ney Piacentini; James Cook's "Together" starring Lucas Hansen, Ben Owora, and Stuart Evans; Carlos Montero's "Easy Money" starring Mario Casas, Ales Furundarena, and Christian Mulas; Grant Scicluna's "The Wilding" starring Reef Ireland, Luke Mullins, and Shannon Glowacki; Dee Rees's "Colonial Gods" starring Cornell John and Said Mohamed; Benjamin Parent's "It's Not a Cowboy Movie" starring Malivaï Yakou, Finnegan Oldfield, and Garance Marillier; and Stéphane Riethauser's "Prora" starring Tom Gramenz and Swen Gippa.


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