Amanda Lear: Video Collection 1975-2006

A video time capsule highlighting some of the biggest hits by the incomparable Amanda Lear, a French singer and actress. This collection features live performances spanning over 30 years of her career. Features performances of "Follow Me", "The Stud", "I Am A Photograph", "Alligator", "Blood & Honey", "Blue Tango", "Queen Of Chinatown", "These Boots Are Made For Walking", "Alphabet", "Solomon Gundie", "Fashion Pack", "Tomorrow", "Darkness & Light", "Egal", "Made In France", "Diamonds", "Enigma" and "Fabulous".

Gênero: Música

Fundida: Amanda Lear

Equipe técnica:


Tempo de execução: 80 minutos

Qualidade: HD

Lançamento: 2013

imdb rating 9


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