Vikings: Athelstan's Journal

Viking culture is seen from a first-hand experience through Athelstan's perspective. Athelstan reflects his inner thoughts on the ways of the Northmen including all their customs, values, and morals. Watch the young priest struggle with an emotional and psychological turmoil as he balances his faith in both God and Odin, revels in bloodshed then is haunted by memories of combat, and then recognizes the personalities of his barbarian family and understands that they, though pagan, are human beings.

Gênero: Action & Adventure, Drama

Fundida: George Blagden

Primeiro Encontro: Jan 30, 2015

Data da última transmissão: Mar 20, 2015

País: IE, CA

Tempo de execução: 4 minutos

Qualidade: HD

imdb rating 6.1


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