Music Idol

Music Idol is the Bulgarian version of the British television hit show Pop Idol. It is a talent contest to determine the superior pop performer and its first season was aired on bTV from February 26 until June 7, 2007. During its third season, the show went international and auditions took place in neighboring Macedonia. Other major changes in the third season: minimum age for participants 13, more talk show than music, great accent on the hosts, hidden vote results, which makes it impossible to validate the result of each elimination.

Gênero: Reality

Fundida: Dimitur Kovachev, Ivan Hristov, Andrei Arnaudov

Primeiro Encontro: Mar 12, 2007

Data da última transmissão: Jun 08, 2009

País: BG

Tempo de execução: 60 minutos

Qualidade: HD

imdb rating 0


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