On Call 36小時II

Neurosurgeon Cheung Yat-Kin marries fellow doctor Fan Tze-Yu and the two are happily living together, expecting their first child. However, when Tze-Yu is diagnosed with a tumour, her pregnancy becomes medically unsafe and, much to her dismay, Yat Kin doesn't want her to go through with childbirth. This causes a dangerous rift between the two, one that love alone can't bridge. But before the once-happy couple can focus on their marital problems, Yat-Kin also has to contend with pathology specialist Lok Man-Sang, a new arrival to the hospital who simply cannot go without disagreeing with Yat-Kin, and who also gets involved with Heung Chin-Yi, an internal medicine doctor nearly 20 years his junior with her own heartbreak to deal with. Between an unwanted power struggle, the slow disintegration of their marriage, and the small matter of saving lives, Yat-Kin and Tze-Yu have to figure out how to bring their flat-lining marriage-and love-back to the operating table.

Gênero: Drama

Fundida: Lawrence Ng, Ma Kwok-Ming, Tavia Yeung, Tracy Chu, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Eliza Sam, Louisa So Yuk-Wah, Derek Kwok

Primeiro Encontro: Nov 04, 2013

Data da última transmissão: Dec 13, 2013

País: HK

Tempo de execução: 40 minutos

Qualidade: HD

imdb rating 8


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