Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters was a Logie Award winning Australian soap opera created by Reg Watson and produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation between 1981 and 1987. The first episode aired on Monday, 18 January 1982, during the Christmas/New Year non-ratings period in Sydney and Melbourne, and the official broadcast date of the final episode was 19 August 1987, although this varied across Australia and the final episode was screened in Melbourne on Sunday 27 December 1987. There are 972 half-hour episodes but during the series' original run in Australia, later episodes were shown in an hour-long format and the first pilot episode as shown in Australia was actually a 90-minute special; subsequent screenings have seen that episode split into three half-hours.

Gênero: Drama

Fundida: Pat McDonald, Brian Blain, Leila Hayes, Ian Rawlings, Mark Conroy, Abigail, Sarah Kemp, Belinda Giblin, Jared Robinsen, Normie Rowe, Oriana Panozzo

Primeiro Encontro: Jan 18, 1982

Data da última transmissão: Jul 01, 1987

País: AU

Tempo de execução: 25 minutos

Qualidade: HD

imdb rating 6.3


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