Song Fangting was pursued by Li Kangrui, and the two could fight hot, but unexpectedly, Kang Rui later empathized with Jian Ruoqi and broke up with Fang Ting. Fang Ting followed her mother's advice and became a dancer, but unfortunately met someone else. Fang Ting met Kang Rui again, and the two communicated again, but Ruoqi found out that she insulted Fang Ting in front of Kang Rui, embarrassing Fang Ting. Fang Ting was arranged to serve a general in Thailand, after which the general was killed, Fang Ting got his property and devoted herself to developing her career, and she joined the entertainment industry and became a celebrity. Unfortunately, in the end, Fang Ting ended up bankrupt and owed a huge debt, she married Ruoqi's father Jian Ruiming for money, and wanted to take revenge on Ruoqi, and the struggle between the two became more and more fierce.

Gênero: Drama

Fundida: Bonnie Ngai Chau-Wah, Miu Kam-Fung, Yung Wai-Man, Violet Lee Ying, Alex Man, Nora Miao, Wong Wai, Kong To, Tak-shing Hung, Pui-chun Yuen, Pak Yan

Primeiro Encontro: Mar 19, 1979

Data da última transmissão: Aug 03, 1979

País: HK

Tempo de execução: minutos

Qualidade: HD

imdb rating 0


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