Teman Tidur

AMANDA is a transfer student from Malang who has a goal of becoming first winner in the Biology Olympiad competition. At her new school, Amanda lives in the school's dormitory. At school Amanda often gets bullied from her classmates. But Claudia who was a classmate stood up for Amanda and the two of them ended up being friends. Amanda also met Claudia's friends, ADAM, BASKARA, and RANI. One day, a strange phenomenon occurred at school, Baskara received an SMS from KELLY, a student who had committed suicide at the school. Since that SMS, Baskara was found dead and Claudia also died a few days later. From this incident Amanda, Adam and Rani try to find out. Here is revealed an incident where Kelly died because Adam, Claudia, Baskara, and Rani threatened to share his personal video.


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